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Hi, I am a traditional artist who has been drawing as far back as my little hands could hold a pencil! I have always loved Disney and had wanted to work there as a youth, I loved anime as a teen, and games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy as an adult. These things have influenced my art and evolved it over the years to what it is now, along with my overly vivid imagination as a child. Even though I loved these things, I always had my own style.

I mostly draw by hand. Sometimes I add color traditionally or digitally. Most of my experience throughout my life has been with traditional drawing. I have been doing more digital as of late, but I still always sketch all over papers and notes. I sketch often, either on paper or even napkins and bills! It doesn't matter. If the urge comes, I take it! With little time for anything lengthy, you draw when it strikes you! (Wherever the wind takes you!)

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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 3:13 PM
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Hi, I'm Maria.

I have been on deviantART for about 7 years. I doesn't really feel that long, but it has been! DeviantART was huge for me when I first discovered it, as I have drawn since I was a toddler and have always loved art and for there being an art community like this was so wonderful, encouraging, enlightening, beautiful, motivating and a million things more! I have always drawn, but deviantART was the period in my life where I got my first digital tablet and was learning how to utilize drawing and coloring on the computer, which still to this day is more difficult for me than using my hands and doing real traditional artwork. I love the ease and accuracy and detail of using your hands and eyes in unison. I don't really get that using my tablet. I hope to get a Cintiq to possibly remedy that gap. Possibly. Though, I think I will always PREFER handdrawn.

DeviantART was encouraging because I could learn things from other artists like myself. I never had friends with the same interests as mine, so it was hard to get real critique that wasn't just, "OMG You are amazing!". Not that I don't appreciate hearing commendation, but I think I could draw a stick person an they would think it was awesome. I'm not joking. This is a true story. People have always loved my stick people! Stick people, people. Haha! It is just funny to me. I needed constructive criticism , along with the commendation and appreciation from others. DeviantART came in to play by not only receiving criticism I needed but helpful hints and tools as to how to improve where I was lacking. The whole growth of an artist never stops. It keeps going to this day. I am doing a lot less digital stuff as of late, due to my being much too busy.......... but the digital things I do do now, are for magazines and for professional use. One way that I have grown. Utilizing the help of other artists in promoting oneself and trying to make a living off of what you like to do. There are many many people on here, that will gladly help their community members in that way, if you ever need it! Just ask! They will tell you! Don't be afraid! That is one of the benefits to being apart of an artist community!

My drawings, per say, haven't changed, but the whole digital coloring has. I mentioned the gap between hand and computer screen problems. Here is a super old digital color from 2007:
Celestial Lights by ArtsyMaria
The drawing is done in pencil by hand and scanned onto the computer. I colored it digitally with a mouse (I DO NOT miss those days), before I got my tablet.

Yuffie Kiseragi-DoC by ArtsyMaria
Old sketch from 2007. Not colored. One of the first drawings uploaded on to deviantART, first day actually.

And then, I got my tablet: Dun, dun dah dah! Coloring with a mouse no more! It was the best and most loving thing my husband could have gotten for me! (He knew I wanted one!)Got it in winter of 2011:

Wonderland by ArtsyMaria
Digitally drawn and colored. It was pretty great going from a mouse, to this. I really appreciated it! Done in 2012, New Year. (New tablet!)

Digital drawing and coloring for me now in 2014:
Little Chef Meet and Greet by ArtsyMaria

Done in 2014 for the WDW Magazine.

Sketches now in 2014 by hand:
Ray the Firefly by ArtsyMaria

2014 pencil sketch. Not colored. See the difference in fluidity and ease of detail? I will always prefer pencil and paper. My personal fave! My love!

Coloring traditionally in 2014:
Sailor Moon by ArtsyMaria

2014 done in pen and markers.

All in all, I have learned from many of my fellow artists and even professional artists how to better improve myself, right here on deviantART over the years! I personally have been working on anatomy and all as of late. Of course, I have improved, and even though, I am not on deviantART every day like back in the day, I still come on here every so often to get vision and encouragement, even to 'Ooh' and 'Ahh' at other artists' work! Sometimes, you also need something to turn that light bulb on!

DeviantART is still a pretty cool place. It is great to have been here for 7 years!

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I had a different drawing up here until another drawing just blasted past the other one out of nowhere!

Here is the newest deviation to reach most popular:

Sketchbook Elsa by ArtsyMaria

Here is the old favorite:

I Could Go Running by ArtsyMaria

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